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What our clients say about Take the Cake Bucks

(used to be known as Take the Cake London)

"Thank you so much! They were as delicious as they were beautiful!"

Sara Ramery, High Wycombe

"My wife was delighted with the cake and it was a terrific success and not only did it taste great but it was skilfully made too. Once again thank you for your time and effort in making it, it was perfect 😀"

Jason Smyth, High Wycombe

"Not only did they look good, they tasted phenomenal too!"

Lex Kazan, London

"Wow, these cakes look absolutely stunning. They are the perfect gift and will make me look like the most thoughtful boyfriend, even though I did hardly any work! I thoroughly recommend Take the Cake Bucks for anyone hoping to do something special for a loved one!"

Jamie Brackell, London




"Thank you Take the Cake Bucks, the cake went down a treat not only on the outside but it tasted AMAZING too! Will definitely be back for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and beyond birthdays! xxxx"

Alicja Lloyd, London

"The minecraft cupcakes looked and tasted amazing. We started giving them away as prizes at Lola's party! The attention to detail was great. Thank you Take the Cake Bucks."

Bill Shephard, London

"I bought the Christmas selection pack of 12 cakes, they were delicious. The attention to detail was great, I would recommend this company to anyone."

Abban Magos, London

"We were absolutely thrilled with Eddie's Birthday Cupcakes! As a massive Octonatuts fan, he had been asking for months about having some special character cupcakes for his 4th birthday.

Take the Cake Bucks were great at working and accommodating to our specific design and flavor, we chose Peanut butter cupcake with Vanilla icing. The wonderfully detailed cupcakes were beautiful to look at and tasted yummy!

Eddie was so impressed with the detail of the character cupcakes that he choose to only eat the cake and saved the detailed icing to play with until he got peckish the next day :)"

Gina Lely, London


"Thank you Take the Cake Bucks for bringing down your delicious treats. The team absolutely loved your cupcakes and cakes and it was all the motivation they needed to go through the tough training session."

Crossfit Perpetua Headcoach, London